Detail Packages

Save time and money

Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest and highest quality auto detailing services in the Kansas City area.

Exterior Detail

Our signature hand wash and all in 1 polish & sealant will leave your vehicles paint protected from the elements and looking amazing!

Full Detail

Combining both our Exterior Detail and Interior Detail will have your vehicle looking brand new. All your friends and family will be jealous of the way your vehicle looks and smells.

Interior Detail

Our Interior Detail package will leave your vehicles interior refreshed and looking great!

Ceramic Coat Packages

Most advanced vehicle paint protection

3 Year Ceramic Coat

Ceramic Coat

This 3 year ceramic coating leaves your vehicles paint feeling smooth and protects it from harsh elements.

5 Year Ceramic Coat


This is a 5 year ceramic coating that forms a ultra smooth and high hydroponic layer to your cars clear coat. This is the ultimate paint protection in the auto detailing industry.

Why Choose Us

It's all in the details

From the design we place in your carpet to the refreshing fragrance you smell once you enter your vehicle we pay attention to those precise details that the you really care about.

Interior Detail

Experienced Team

Auto detailing for life

Here at Precise Detail Auto Detailing we set high standards for our employees to follow to that way we can provide the highest quality auto detailing services . In order to always meet those standards we insure that all of our employees are properly trained and continue to advance their skills as a professional detailer as they are apart of our team.

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